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        Chemours Aniline Technologies

        Aniline & Aniline Technologies

        Aniline (also known as phenylamine or aminobenzene), C6H5NH2, is a colorless, oily liquid. Most of the world’s aniline production goes into the manufacture of MDI. Aniline is also used in rubber-processing chemicals, agricultural intermediates, dyes, pigments, pharmaceutical chemicals and specialty organic fibers.

        Chemours Aniline technology is now available through direct licensing. Secure shipping options for large quantities are available for delivery by truck, rail, barge, and ship.

        Sales Specifications

        Property  Specification   Test Method 
        Aniline   99.9% min (dry basis)  G.C. 
        Nitrobenzene    0.0002% max   G.C. 
        Moisture (as shipped)    0.1% max   G.C. 
        Freezing Point -6.2°C min      
        Color (as shipped)    100 max   APHA 

        Physical Properties

        Structural Formula


        Physical Property 
        CAS Reg. No. 62-53-3
        Empirical Formula C6H7N
        Molecular weight 93.1 
        Freezing Point  -6.05°C 
        Boiling Point @ 760 mmHg  184.2°C 
        Specific Gravity (20°C/4°C)  1.022 
        Vapor Pressure
             @ 50°C
             @ 100°C
             @ 140°C
        Heat of Combustion @ 20°C, Kg-cal/mol  811.7 
        Heat of Vaporization @ 760 mmHg cal/gm  114.3 
        Refractive Index @ 20°C  1.5863 
        Solubility in Water, weight %  3.6% 
        Flash Point, closed cup  70.0°C 
        Auto Ignition Temperature  615.0°C