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        Chemours Aniline Technologies

        Uses & Applications

        Aniline products are used to manufacture a variety of end-products, ranging from polyurethane foam, Kevlar™ aramid fiber, and pharmaceuticals.

        Additional uses and applications for Aniline products include:

        Aniline is primarily used in MDI foams for the automotive and construction industries. Many chemicals can be made from Aniline, including:

        • Isocyanaates for the urethane industry
        • Antioxidants, activators, accelerators, and other chemicals for the rubber industry
        • Indigo, acetoacetanilide, and other dyes and pigments for a variety of applications
        • Diphenylamine for the rubber, petroleum, plastics, agricultural, explosives, and chemical industries
        • Various fungacides and herbicides for the agricultural industry
        • Pharmaceutical, organic chemical, and other products

        Persons considering the use of Aniline should be aware of its hazards and take necessary steps to ensure safe handling.

        Note: Aniline is sold by Chemours as a chemical intermediate for industrial use only. Unreacted Aniline should not be used in consumer products where ventilation or protective clothing controls are not available to protect against the consequences of accidental spills.
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        A major end-use application for Nitrobenzene is in pharmaceuticals, specifically to make acetaminophen; other derivatives include solvents such as m-dinitrobenzene and nitrochlorbenzene.
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        Nitric Acid
        Uses of Nitric Acid vary by market and industry. Uses include metal treatment, production of metal nitrates, production of various organic intermediates (most of which are consumed in synthetic fibers and plastics), production of inorganic nitrate salts, and fertilizer applications.
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