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      1. A photo a city with sustainable solar panels fueling it.
        A photo a city with sustainable solar panels fueling it.

        Responsible Chemistry in Action

        We believe that chemistry should be as responsible as it is essential. Every day we strive to meet the needs of a world that demands more—guiding our industry forward.

        See How Chemours is Living Chemistry

        • A photo a city with sustainable solar panels fueling it.
          Smart Technology Redefines Home Essentials

          Chemistry is making smart homes even smarter...and not to mention greener.

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        • An image of a scientist wearing virtual reality goggles for exploration—technology powered by chemistry.
          The Next Evolution of the Digital World

          Fast-developing communications, computing, and robotics technology will bring about a deeper level of digital transformation.

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        • An image of a woman and her child using a smartphone illustrates how how the essentials of modern life have changed due to technological advances enabled by chemistry.
          Defining The New Essentials

          New technologies—powered by chemistry—are coming together to improve lives sustainably.

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        • The image shows a winding country road, expressing how Chemours low-GWP refrigerants are significantly reducing environmental impact while still providing excellent cooling performance.
          A Cool and Eco-Friendly Road Ahead

          100 million+ new cars roll off assembly lines each year. Our chemistry is significantly reducing their environmental impact. Learn how Opteon™ YF (HFO-1234yf) provides low global warming potential and excellent cooling performance.

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        • The image shows a picture of planet earth, set against a dark blue background, representing our commitment to grow responsibly, balancing the essentiality of chemistry with the future of our planet.
          Balancing Essential Chemistry with the Future of Our Planet

          Chemours is committed to meeting the needs of our modern world, responsibly. See the sustainability goals we are striving to achieve by 2030.

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        • The image shows a balance of male and female icons in a variety of colors, representing Chemours commitment to creating a gender-balanced, diverse workforce.
          Unveiling our Commitment to a Balanced Workforce

          We’re cultivating a diverse and gender-balanced workforce, which will provide the multiplicity of viewpoints essential to the future of chemistry and our business.

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        • An image shows a food truck business that uses Teflon? coatings and Ti-Pure? titanium dioxide to help it operate faster and more efficiently.
          Cuisine Driven by Chemistry

          A food truck business needs to deliver goods fast under challenging conditions. See how chemistry helps.

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        • Image of airplane engine for C&EN-Part5-Landing-Page
          Formulas for Flight

          Flying off to their next adventure, passengers will board airlines that are safer, offer greater comfort, and leave a smaller carbon footprint. And in all of that, chemistry plays a part.

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        • National Chemistry Week 2018.
          Chemours Celebrates National Chemistry Week

          Meet the chemists, engineers, food scientists and more who make space travel possible.

          Watch the Video
        • An Asian father and daughter look out the window of a taxi in amazement as they drive through a city at night..
          Doing What’s Right

          A new kind of chemistry company for a world that demands more.

          Our Commitment
        • An image of three skiers in helmets and goggles talking.
          Molecules, Snow, and the Sports of Winter

          For players of winter sports, chemistry can provide warmth, dryness, and a friction-free slide.

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        • An image of a gears that Viton? fluoroelastomers withstand the harshest environments.
          Powering the Engines of Today and Tomorrow

          Whether on the road or in orbit, Viton? fluoroelastomers withstand the harshest environments.

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        • An image of a bumper-car ride that Ti-Pure? titanium dioxide can help keep colorful, durable, and safe at an amusement park.
          Color, Durability, and Safety All in One

          Amusement parks need to be colorful, durable, and safe. Ti-Pure? titanium dioxide helps achieve all three.

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        • An image shows a runner with a wearable device that has Viton™ high-performance fluoroelastomers in the band to help make it feel more comfortable and to help make it more durable.
          Bringing Comfort to Workouts

          As a component in wearable device bands, Viton™ high-performance fluoroelastomers help make fitness feel better.

          Find Out How
        • Person's hand on a musical soundboard mixing music.
          Sliding into the Future

          How Krytox?, a high-performance lubricant, brings stability, durability, and longevity to innovation.

          Find Out How
        • Person's hand on a musical soundboard mixing music.
          Giving Rock Concerts Perfect Sound

          Teflon? fluoropolymers help advance digital technology—even boosting the sound audiences hear at rock concerts.

          Learn How
        • Chemours Makes
          Fortune 500

          Chemours makes Fortune 500 for the second straight year. Mark Vergnano, Chemours President and CEO, discusses the repeat performance and looks ahead.

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        • Meet the
          Overlooked Inventors

          In honor of National Inventors Month, we celebrated the overlooked—both inside and outside of Chemours. Learn about their meaningful contributions via the article and our latest video.

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        • Chemistry is
          All Around Us

          Chemistry is at the center of everything. It makes paint colors more vibrant, it helps the world turn technology into a wearable fashion accessory, and it continues to do so much more.

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        • Our Strategy
          for Future Growth

          We’ve survived by transforming. Now we’re earning our way to growth by advancing higher value chemistry. Hear President and CEO Mark Vergnano's vision for growth.

          Our Strategy
        • Chemistry & the Auto Industry

          Today the auto industry is evolving faster than at any time since the days of the Model T. To meet new regulations and demands, automakers are depending on science.

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        A family standing in silhouette holding hands during sunset.

        Company Vision

        We aspire to improve the lives of people everywhere.

        A bold vision. One we believe is only possible by harnessing the power of chemistry to be a catalyst for better.

        A scientist looking through a microscope shows application of chemistry.

        Application Development

        Shaping markets, defining industries, changing lives.

        Applying chemistry makes ordinary things extraordinary. See how it enables new products and new ways of doing business for our customers.

        An illustration shows the evolution of refrigerants, from CFCs to low global warming potential HFOs, like Opteon™.

        Stewardship & Sustainability

        The smaller the footprint, the bigger the impact.

        Keeping cool with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. Adding hiding power while using less paint. Learn how more sustainable chemistry acts as a catalyst for better.

        A molecule illustrates the focus on chemistry Chemours offers investors.

        Investor Relations

        A $6 billion startup with over 200 years of experience.

        Introducing a new chemical industry leader, created from the DuPont Performance Chemicals businesses. Chemours focuses on delivering business applications to customers in over 130 countries.

        Our Brands


        A market leader in thousands of uses, from nonstick cookware to cell phone antennas.


        Pure white TiO2 pigments for coatings, plastics, laminates, and paper.


        Low global warming potential refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration.


        Long lasting lubricants that can brave extreme temperatures and environments.


        Seals and gaskets that resist extremes of heat, cold, and exposure to harsh chemicals.


        The premier choice for second-to-none power output and durability in the fuel cell industry.


        HFC refrigerant used for both residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications.